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New blood is pulsing through Vains of Jenna as the Swedish sleaze-rockers return to America this weekend for the official unveiling of new music, a new lineup and a string of tour dates.    With a five-song EP as a teaser, the Vains (yes, intentionally misspelled) are introducing new American singer Jesse Forte along with […]

It’s tough to get noticed in a world of rock’n’roll loudmouths, but calling your band the Toilet Boys will surely arch some eyebrows. Firm believers that no publicity is bad publicity (the name says it all, right?), New York’s Toilet Boys were a sleazy blend of transvestite vampire bikers meets KISS and Blondie. Add a […]

This pic was taken in 1991 at the Cameo Theater in San Antonio during the same week that my lifelong buddy Al and I saw Infectious Grooves at the same venue. We always laugh about this week, because we were toast from all the late nights, gigs and various other “shenanigans.” For some reason we were […]

Remembering Cliff Burton, 1962-1986 R.I.P. By Metal Dave Twenty-four years ago this Monday, I was sitting at a four-way stop in the Briarwick neighborhood of San Antonio when news came over my VW Rabbit’s radio that Metallica bassist Cliff Burton had been killed in a freak tour bus accident on an icy road somewhere in […]

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby! I love rock-n-roll, but as a teenager I also had a huge crush on Joan Jett (although, now that I think about it, I also had a poster of Nancy Wilson in my school locker). Dressed in skintight leather and sporting some of the coolest hair ever, Joan […]

By Metal Dave With Slayer set to rain blood over Texas this Friday-Sunday as part of the American Carnage Tour, featuring Megadeth and Anthrax, I revisited a 2001 interview with Kerry King and Tom Araya that I conducted for Metal Edge magazine (RIP). At the time, Slayer was promoting the “God Hates Us All” album and was […]

Concert Review: KISS is still Hotter than Hell

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 By Metal Dave It was hotter than hell at the Woodlands Pavilion in Houston last Friday when KISS brought the blood, sweat and 35 years of rock to the sweltering, face-painted masses. For reasons that are painfully obvious, $10 beers did nothing to beat the heat. Playing in front of a Vegas-worthy kaleidoscope of flames, […]

 I first met Natchet Taylor nearly 10 years ago at my favorite Austin dive bar, Headhunters, where his self-named, three-piece punk-n-roll band used to encore with Danzig and Rancid covers. Just as the Natchet Taylor band was gaining momentum on the strength of an electric live show and a hard-earned 2005 debut album called “Barely Legal,” […]

Ever wonder how Accept singer Udo Dirkschneider got that wonderfully wretched singing voice? As you can see from this 2000 photo taken outside his tour bus in Austin, Texas, the German belter has (or, at least, had) an appetite for Winston smokes. Onboard the bus during our interview, Udo displayed a copious thirst for whiskey (and generous […]