CALLING DR. LOVE: Interviewing Gene Simmons, Nov. 2009. Now, if only Ace would call.

Until I write my book, I give you 2Fast2Die

About 2Fast2Die
Launched in July 2010 by veteran music journalist and rock-n-roll lifer, David “Metal Dave” Glessner, 2Fast2Die is named after the combined titles of Motley Crue’s “Too Fast for Love” and the Ramones’ “Too Tough to Die,” (two of Dave’s favorite bands).

About “Metal Dave” Glessner 2012
In two decades as a music journalist, “Metal Dave” Glessner has interviewed some of the biggest names in rock, including Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, KISS, Motley Crue, the Ramones and countless others. A native of San Antonio (“Satantonio”) Texas and a longtime resident of Austin, Glessner has been a regular contributor to such magazines as Metal Edge, Classic Rock and Texas Music as well as the San Antonio Express-News, the Austin American-Statesman, the Houston Press, and others. Today, Glessner is founder of the rock-blog site,, where he shares his archived interviews, photos and random thoughts on all things hard rock, glam-metal, punk and thrash.

Bio as published in Classic Rock magazine
A veteran music journalist, David Glessner long ago sold his soul to KISS and Iron Maiden (his mum was not amused). As an aspiring reporter, Glessner bargained his first interview with former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee in exchange for a cigarette. Countless beers later, Glessner has sung on stage with Poison and Buckcherry, and taken full advantage of backstage hospitality wherever and whenever possible. As a resident of Austin, Texas, Glessner has survived decades of South By Southwest music marathons, hosted a local music television show and recorded at Willie Nelson’s studio with Ginger of Wildhearts fame.

For a full interview with Metal Dave, go here.

Special Thanks and gratitude to Kim Glessner, Daschel Dean, Natchet Taylor, Chris Gates, Becky Ozuna, Veronica Beyer, Earl Lundquist, Jason McMaster and all friends, family and rockers who, in one way or another, encourage me to share my stories and inspire me to never grow old


  1. I’m impressed that after all these years you’ve always stuck to what you love! You’re a great writer….keep up the good work my friend.

  2. Dave! I still remember rocking out in front of Stahl elementary school, stealing there power for our amps and playing Fastway’s say what you will! That was the night when the cops came and some one ripped the door off of my sister’s car! Rock on Dave, Keep the faith!

    • I remember it well, Bill. Disturbing the peace, smoking cigs and rocking the homemade Les Paul and my Hondo starbody! Why aren’t we famous???

  3. Is this the Metal Dave review page? OK.

    I have RSS’ed this shit since I saw it. This is a blog I’ve wanted in my reader for a long time. I love the way this guy puts pen to paper. He’s a craftsman and a damn good one. Plus, this guy knows his stuff…

    On a personal note, I am a huge DG fan. This is the guy I immediately want to share anything new I’ve written. This is is the guy I wanna tear up the night with but he’s also the guy I think of when I wanna go have Sunday afternoon beers somewhere off the beaten path of Rock N’ Roll destruction.

    One classy dude.


  4. Hi Dave,

    I played bass in Austin bands The Hormones, Sons of Hercules, The Gravedigger V, Glamourpuss and The Spoils. I am planning another foray into musicdom and need your help. Hey, I guess this is called “networking”.

    I am looking for a guitar player (and maybe a singer) to join The Berry Pickers, a band into pre-65 Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, the Nuggets LPs, Vox gear and groovy clothes. If you, or someone like you, knows of anyone who fits the bill, please send ’em my way. I guess The Chesterfield Kings are similar!?!?! Or maybe a raved up Downliners Sect performing “One Ugly Child” for Greg Shaw and Rodney Bingenheimer?!?!

    Thank you,

    Phillip Plyler

    • Wasn’t there. Saw Priest and interviewed themn at FFF last year, but couldn’t make the most recent gig. Hope you enjoyed

  5. Hi

    My name is Jeet from the Hard Rock/Metal band Meaxic. We’re just about to release our next single and so I was hoping if it’d be possible to get a quick mention in 2Fast2Die. Here’s a little teaser to the song:

    If you like this, I’d love to discuss getting the full song featured or mentioned in your blog.

    For more info/highlights of the band:

    Thanks for your time

  6. Hi Dave,

    Are you currently accepting any new music submissions for review consideration? We’d like to send a copy of our record to you to check out if so, here is a summary of what to expect:

    Band: Barrio Tiger
    Album: Ave Maria
    Release Date: 4/14/2017
    Label: Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain)
    Genre: Garage Punk
    RIYL: The Hellacopters, early Supersuckers, The Stooges
    Origin: Los Angeles, CA

    If so, please let us know your policy regarding these types of requests, hope to hear from you soon.

    Matthew Hutchison

    • Hey, Matt
      Unfortunately, I’m pretty swamped at the moment (I’m a one-man band) so am hesitant to take on any new reviews. Please feel free to stay in touch. There might be a future opportunity to discuss. Best, Dave

  7. Hi!!!

    We are the Colombian Metal Alternative Band Cold Catatonic, and we are promoting our first studio album called Dante´s Redemption. We live in Bogota, Colombia – South America and write you to present our first LP, with a dark, powerfull and international sound!.
    We really appreciate your time to hear our band.

    Best Regards

    Cold Catatonic

    • Henry,
      Thanks for being in touch. This is good stuff. I like the vocals — tough and menacing without being Cookie Monster. Music’s got a good, meaty groove as well. Will share on the 2Fast2Die Facebook page. Thanks for being in touch (all the way from Bogota!)

  8. Hey Dave,
    Hope all is well man! I stumbled onto the site after checking on the new Black Halos review! I’ve been diggin’ it, and checking out the old interviews (Ginger – fucking awesome!! huge Wildhearts fan).
    Anyways man, I just wanted to see if you were excepting any music submissions for review. Our band is called Slumlord Radio, we are a dirty dive bar hero, action rock band out of Michigan. We released a new single “Gonna Be A Riot” and a gnarly cover of The Stooges classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (again we are MI dudes..). Hope you dig it. Let us know if you need anything else for consideration.

    Have good one man!

    • Hey, Tommy
      Thanks for reading and being in touch. At the moment, I’m so far behind it’s ridiculous. As you might imagine, 2Fast2Die is not my full-time job so I’ve got to squeeze it in when work, family, etc. allows. Feel free to stay in touch, but that moment, I’ve got my plate full.
      Best, Dave

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