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Rewind: Metallica’s Memories Remain

Posted: 31st August 2010 by admin in Rewind
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  Until I heard Metallica, I thought thrashing was something sharks did (how fitting that I also discovered Accept around this time). Meaner, faster and uglier than everything that came before, Metallica took the hierarchy of heaviness to impossible new extremes. I mean, the band debuted with an album/mission statement called “Kill ‘Em All!” Any […]

New album ‘Welcome to Gatesville’ drops Sept. 16 The simple joys of domestic sobriety fit Chris Gates like a trucker cap. A former punk-rocker and recovering blues-metal hellion (in the Big Boys and Junkyard, respectively), the Austin singer/songwriter/guitarist now resides in Gatesville where family, glory days and backyard barbecues are all the talk of the town.  […]

The Bastard Son of Axl Tyler Colby Veil grew up in Rockwall, Texas but hauled ass to Los Angeles so he could start livin’ out his fantasy of sleepin’ late and smokin’ tea. Actually, Colby moved to L.A. so he could marinate in the birthplace of Guns N’Roses. Once there, he drank up the Hollywood nightlife, […]

By Metal Dave The photo to the right is one of my life’s jackpots. Snapped backstage in 2000 at San Antonio’s Sunken Garden Theater, the image captures Poison singer Bret Michaels and me exiting the stage just seconds after we sang the KISS anthem “Rock N Roll All Nite” in front of a few thousand of my fellow hometown rockers. This […]

Happy 61st birthday to my childhood hero, Gene Simmons, above, and also a screaming Happy 59th to Judas Priest singer, Rob Halford, left. Metal does not exist without you both!

By Metal Dave The recent (and excellent) Rush documentary, “Beyond the Lighted Stage,” sent me digging through the archives to find my interview with Rush drummer/lyricist extraordinaire, Neil Peart. Calling from San Diego during the 1996 “Test for Echo” tour (tickets for the San Antonio gig ranged from $23.50-$37.50 plus convenience charge), the man who […]

A grinding storm of heavy axes rolls forth from Austin, Texas this evening when sludge-metal thunderlords, The Sword, get medieval on your ass. Besides being Lars Ulrich’s favorite band (he’s asked The Sword to tour with Metallica three times now), The Sword celebrates tomorrow’s official release of its third album, “Warp Riders,” at 7 p.m. […]

Stevie circa 2001 minus the hairspray and leather The going was rough for TUFF during Hollywood’s 1980’s hair-metal heyday. Admittedly obsessed with Motley Crue, the band did the whole big-hair/skintight/bandanna thing, but never gained the nationwide audience of second-tier peers like L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat and Dangerous Toys. Best-known for the novelty song, “American Hair […]

This photo was taken behind the Viper Room on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip circa 1999. On the right is guitarist Pat Smear who, besides having one of the coolest names in rock, got his start with crash-and-burn punks, the Germs, before moving on to Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. On the left is a young(er) 2Fast2Die […]