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I’ll confess I don’t own a single David Bowie album, but in the very same breath I must also say I have an IMMENSE respect for everything the man has done for rock-n-roll. The theatrics, the androgyny, the futuristic musical and artistic concepts and personas were ALL ahead of their time. It may be hard […]

Not content with just haunting the chapel, Slayer is coming to possess your TV. On August 17, the thrash-metal titans will reissue the out-of-print DVD titles “War at the Warfield” and “Still Reigning,” from 2003 and 2004, respectively. The pair will be joined by 1995’s “Live Intrusion,” which has been digitally remastered for this first-time-ever release. […]

Welcome to the first installment of a new semi-regular 2Fast2Die Q&A feature called “Yakking With …” What better way to debut than with singer Jason McMaster, whose storied careers with Watchtower, Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Ignitor and others has rightfully made him a Texas metal legend (“Can I get a Slayer?”). Jason’s website will give […]

If every picture tells a story the one above is more humorous than most. It also makes a nice introduction to a random new 2Fast2Die feature I’ll call Pictured Life (thanks, Scorpions!). Pictured Life will let the photo do most of the talking with only minimal back story from me to set the scene (yeah, […]

Had to dust off my turntable last week when I received a shipment of vinyl from Lebanon, New Hampshire, courtesy of the River City Rebels. Besides having the dubious distinction of being one of rock-n-roll’s best-kept secrets, the Rebels are also one my favorite bands of the past 10 years. The ever-evolving (and shamefully unsung) […]

Been rolling on the floor trying not to pee myself while finishing Ozzy’s autobiography, “I Am Ozzy” (is that a title or a reminder?). This book is laugh-out-loud hilarious and a must-read for even geeks like myself who thought they knew all there is to know about the heavy metal madman. Yes, the lunacy of […]

If lightning can be caught on an album, we’re in for a razzle-dazzle glam-rock shock on Sept. 27. That’s the date when Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe uncorks a live album titled “Another Night in the Sun,” featuring a stunner of a setlist consisting of Hanoi tunes, Demolition 23 gems, solo songs and covers of […]

KISS: C’mon and Call Me!

Posted: 4th August 2010 by admin in News Bites

Got the go-ahead today to once again interview KISS, which is an honor only a Justin Bieber fan could fail to fathom. To this day, my home is plastered with KISS memorabilia, some of which dates back to the sixth grade. If you would have told me as a kid that one day I would […]

By Metal Dave OK, so I recently bagged Ratt for being less-than-fierce while opening for the Scorpions last month. Truth be told, there may not be a band on the planet that could have competed with the Scorpions’ mojo that Saturday night in metal-heavy San Antonio. That said, I’d be criminally negligent if I didn’t […]