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ABOVE: Ten Boots Stompin: Dangerous Toys in 1989 with Watson far right. It seems a lifetime of rock’n’roll has turned Mike Watson into a stark, raving – miniature tree enthusiast! Say wha? It’s true, but more on that later.   More pressing is welcome news that Watson and his hard-rocking Dangerous Toys are reuniting Dec. 4 to […]

In what appeared to be a victorious re-launch of sorts, long-time San Francisco glam-rockers Jetboy took off for Europe this month for their first-ever overseas tour. The catch? Mohawked singer Mickey Finn backed out at the last minute leaving the band with a difficult choice: Scrap the tour and stay grounded at home or find […]

Buckcherry’s 1999 debut album turned me into an instant lifelong fan. More accurately, it was a 1998 advance promo CD with a plain white insert (pictured below) that served as my introduction. In those early days, the band name was broken into two words before morphing into one in order to dispel confusion that singer Josh […]

Above: Roth passes another field sobriety test (photo: Elliot Gilbert). Below: Bottoms Up! ( By Metal Dave Ahhh, good old David Lee Roth. I was scheduled to interview the Van Halen frontman in 2002 for the San Antonio Express-News when miscommunication and differing time zones caused confusion that led to Diamond Dave calling my apartment […]

BROKEN TEETH ROCKS THE BOAT AT 5:45 P.M. SHARP, THURS., NOV. 11 AND 1:30 A.M. FRI., NOV. 12 A shipload of rock’n’roll sets sail Nov. 11-14 when the annual ShipRocked cruise launches from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. and makes its way to ports in Nassau and Coco Cay Bay, Bahamas. On a bill that includes some […]

Before “Fun Fun Fun” became the name of an annual three-day, alterna-punk-metal festival in Austin, Texas, it was the title of a song by seminal hardcore band, the Big Boys.  Likewise, before Austin musician Chris Gates became a friend of mine, he was the bass player in said Big Boys. On the eve of this year’s Fun […]

Rewind: Wayne Static Talks Poop, etc.

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For those who don’t know, those bullet-sleek, customized, luxurious rock’n’roll tour buses are sorely lacking when it comes to toilet plumbing. In a 2002 interview with Static-X frontman Wayne Static, the conversation inevitably turned to potty talk when I inquired about the song, “…In a Bag,” from the industrial-metal band’s 2001 sophomore album, “Machine.” Talk […]