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In the spirit of Halloween, I take you back to 1988 when I lived in an apartment I lovingly dubbed “The Bomb Shelter” (if you were there, you understand).  By no accident, The Bomb Shelter was located directly behind Sneaker’s, which was THE hard rock/heavy metal/meat market club in San Antonio at the time. I’d […]

1-2-3-4!!! The Ramones may be gone, but they’ll always be Too Tough To Die! By Metal Dave Until I got married and later became a father, the most memorable day of my life was Oct. 22, 1992. On that date, 18 years ago this week, I finally met the Ramones.  Thanks to publicist Ida Langsam […]

I’m often asked about my best (Lemmy) and worst rock star interviews and can say without a doubt Glenn Danzig is the prickliest (pun optional) one of all. Glenn has held this dubious distinction without peer since 1990. Twenty years and still the champ! Sure, I’ve had some lame interviews over the years, but during […]

Above: Which one of these guys is totally wasted? In a 4-1 vote, drummer Steven Adler, second from right, was kicked out of Guns N’ Roses for being the biggest junkie in a band full of druggies. As he explains in his tell-all book, things only got worse from there. By Metal Dave As the original drummer […]

  I first met Ginger in 2004 when his band, the Wildhearts, returned to America following an extended absence. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Brit’s personal life was as troubled as his various bands (The Throbs, Quireboys, Wildhearts, SilverGinger5, Brides of Destruction and others I’m surely forgetting).   When he phoned me out of […]

Shot in 2007 on the back steps of Casino El Camino (Sixth Street, Austin, TX.), this picture frames a hazy portrait of me and my pal, Frank Pugliese. Me? I’m a geek. Frank? He’s the iconic punk singer for San Antonio garage-blasters, the immortal Sons of Hercules.  The Sons and I go back to 1991 in our […]

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES: Pete Willis, Steve Clark (RIP), Joe Elliot, Rick Allen and Rick Savage as teens circa 1980. In less than five years after this photo was taken, the band (minus Willis) would land behind only Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for the top spot on the album charts thanks to the blockbuster, “Pyromania.” By […]