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By Metal Dave Much like Cliff Burton embodied the fan-favorite, heart and spirit of Metallica, so too did Dee Dee Ramone when it came to punk legends, the Ramones. Both bassists were impossible to replace, yet each was divinely succeeded by the only man who could do the job. For the Ramones, that man was […]

LATE NIGHTS AND VOODOO: On the Buckcherry tour bus with singer Josh Todd in Houston, 2008. We met in 1999 after I was hired to write the band’s debut bio for DreamWorks Records. We’ve had a blast ever since! To mark the milestone of 2Fast2Die’s 100th post today (cue deafening applause), I decided to fulfill a […]

It’s no secret the Ramones are 2Fast2Die’s all-time favorite band so it’s always a thrill to rub black-leather elbows with New York’s pioneering punks. Three of the original members are no longer with us (RIP), but the Ramones’ legacy forever remains too tough to die (I told you it’s no secret). The photo above was taken […]

1-2-3-4!!! The Ramones may be gone, but they’ll always be Too Tough To Die! By Metal Dave Until I got married and later became a father, the most memorable day of my life was Oct. 22, 1992. On that date, 18 years ago this week, I finally met the Ramones.  Thanks to publicist Ida Langsam […]

  I first met Ginger in 2004 when his band, the Wildhearts, returned to America following an extended absence. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Brit’s personal life was as troubled as his various bands (The Throbs, Quireboys, Wildhearts, SilverGinger5, Brides of Destruction and others I’m surely forgetting).   When he phoned me out of […]

The Bastard Son of Axl Tyler Colby Veil grew up in Rockwall, Texas but hauled ass to Los Angeles so he could start livin’ out his fantasy of sleepin’ late and smokin’ tea. Actually, Colby moved to L.A. so he could marinate in the birthplace of Guns N’Roses. Once there, he drank up the Hollywood nightlife, […]