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By Metal Dave With seven kids under one roof, there’s bound to be some commotion. When three of them decide to become professional bassists in hard-rock bands like Keel, Badlands and TUFF, it’s probably safe to assume the cops knew their way to the Chaisson home. “My parents were amazing people!” said TUFF bassist Todd […]

By Metal Dave I first heard about The Mistakes while interviewing Poison singer Bret Michaels in 1999. Always quick with tons of fun stories, Bret was making the point that, despite Poison’s frilly image and blockbuster power ballads, the band still attracted its share of hard-ass freaks. “There’s a band out in L.A. called The […]

LOOKS THAT KILL: Any Crue fans here? Nah. Singer Stevie Rachelle, second from right, rocks the Clorox while the rest of his Tuff guys overdose on Aqua Net. Looking good, fellas! By Metal Dave Glessner We’ve launched a new semi-whenever feature at 2Fast2Die called, “Ask.” Why? Because we needed a reason to pester your favorite rock […]

By Metal Dave Glessner My pal Stevie Rachelle is on the road and ready to rock. Go say hello and feed him some Sludge. TUFF formed in the desert of Phoenix Arizona in 1985, but it took relocating to California and a half dozen years to reach that elusive record deal. After taking over the […]

Stevie circa 2001 minus the hairspray and leather The going was rough for TUFF during Hollywood’s 1980’s hair-metal heyday. Admittedly obsessed with Motley Crue, the band did the whole big-hair/skintight/bandanna thing, but never gained the nationwide audience of second-tier peers like L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat and Dangerous Toys. Best-known for the novelty song, “American Hair […]