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Ian Anderson plays Jethro Tull’s classic “Thick as a Brick” at the Paramount Theatre in Austin TX,  Oct. 28. Ticket info here. By Metal Dave Back when sending a letter meant finding a pen and licking a stamp, I mailed a shot in the dark to music journalist Anne Leighton in hopes of getting some […]

Aerosmith plays the Frank Erwin Center in Austin on Friday, Nov. 16 with Cheap Trick. Ticket info here. By Metal Dave Despite his best efforts to live fast, die young and leave a fabulous head of hair, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has buried his expiration date. Now 62 and free of the copious toxins that […]

By Metal Dave I like to brag about Nick Curran because he wouldn’t dare do it himself. A talented guitarist with an outrageous image, Nick was a straight-up rock star minus the self-serving ego. For all his inky eyes, arms, neck, knuckles and God knows what else, Nick was a boyish soul despite the demonic […]

By Metal Dave I wrote for Metal Edge magazine for about five years circa 2000-2005. This tribute to Joey Ramone was one of my proudest moments during that time (in sentiment, if not the writing). I tried to recreate the page as it appeared in Metal Edge, but couldn’t find the proper photo (right) any […]