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By Metal Dave Glessner It’s not without its thorns, but the life of Bret Michaels is rosier than most. As a solo artist and singer for glam-rock legends Poison, Michaels has survived diabetes, a spectacular car crash, a brain hemorrhage and a career of critical slings and arrows. Bruised but never beaten, Michaels also has […]

GLAM GOOD TIMES!!: Backstage with Bret Michaels in 1999 (above), 2000 (below) and 2011 (bottom). Once Bret gets the party started, it can last a lifetime. By Metal Dave Glessner I’ve been a Poison fan since 1986 when I saw the unknown upstarts open for Cinderella and Loudness at Sunken Gardens Theater in San Antonio. Thirteen […]

By Metal Dave Glessner As someone who remembers buying “Back in Black” as a brand-new vinyl album when it was released in 1980, I can recall the days when rock magazines were as close as you got to meeting your favorite bands. Before MTV, Google and YouTube, there was Creem, Circus and Hit Parader. Naturally, […]

By Metal Dave The photo to the right is one of my life’s jackpots. Snapped backstage in 2000 at San Antonio’s Sunken Garden Theater, the image captures Poison singer Bret Michaels and me exiting the stage just seconds after we sang the KISS anthem “Rock N Roll All Nite” in front of a few thousand of my fellow hometown rockers. This […]