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By Metal Dave I’ve been told my avalanche of rock-n-roll memorabilia could land me on an episode of “Hoarders.” While that’s probably an overstatement (maybe?) from an audience of more-casual music listeners, I’m certainly guilty of clinging to KISS posters I’ve owned for 35 years (and, no, they’re not stored in a box in the […]

Ever wonder how Accept singer Udo Dirkschneider got that wonderfully wretched singing voice? As you can see from this 2000 photo taken outside his tour bus in Austin, Texas, the German belter has (or, at least, had) an appetite for Winston smokes. Onboard the bus during our interview, Udo displayed a copious thirst for whiskey (and generous […]

If every picture tells a story the one above is more humorous than most. It also makes a nice introduction to a random new 2Fast2Die feature I’ll call Pictured Life (thanks, Scorpions!). Pictured Life will let the photo do most of the talking with only minimal back story from me to set the scene (yeah, […]