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By Metal Dave Glessner I met Cleveland Willis in the back of limo following a Broken Teeth gig in Austin, TX. I still have no idea who hired the car, but there was a party raging behind the tinted glass so I skipped the questions and dove right in. Wow. Nice! How ya doin,’ bro? […]

By Metal Dave Glessner Here’s a photo I like to call “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” The shot was taken by Jerry Milton circa 2005 (?) at Headhunter’s in Austin, which has long been one of my regular haunts. On this night, a live band was playing karaoke requests behind shameless and willing wannabes such […]

As much as I’d like to blame a lost wager on this ridiculous headband I wore to a Skid Row concert three years ago, I must confess the frilly malfunction was nobody’s fault but my own. Hell, even the hair-metal Skids knew the ‘80s were dead and gone! What the Bach was I thinking? Despite the […]