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By Metal Dave Glessner In 2005, the Towers of London were all too willing to rekindle the sneering anarchy and excessive self-abuse that turned the Sex Pistols and Guns N’ Roses into rock-n-roll anti-heroes. Young, loud and snotty? You bet! A terrific band? Absolutely! Doomed to fizzle? Sadly, yes. After meeting the Towers at SXSW […]

ABOVE: Ten Boots Stompin: Dangerous Toys in 1989 with Watson far right. It seems a lifetime of rock’n’roll has turned Mike Watson into a stark, raving – miniature tree enthusiast! Say wha? It’s true, but more on that later.   More pressing is welcome news that Watson and his hard-rocking Dangerous Toys are reuniting Dec. 4 to […]

Shot in 2007 on the back steps of Casino El Camino (Sixth Street, Austin, TX.), this picture frames a hazy portrait of me and my pal, Frank Pugliese. Me? I’m a geek. Frank? He’s the iconic punk singer for San Antonio garage-blasters, the immortal Sons of Hercules.  The Sons and I go back to 1991 in our […]