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2Fast2Die Note: As Motley Crue threatens to uncork some raunch-n-roll debauchery in San Antonio June 9 at the AT&T Center with special guests Poison and the legendary New York Dolls (get there early!), I decided to dig up a few of my previous interviews with rock’s most notorious dirtbags. The Crue’s current setlist is reportedly chosen […]

By Metal Dave I met Pat Kennison some 20-plus years ago in San Antonio when the “manager” of his band, Boyzen Heat, brought me onboard to serve as the group’s “publicist,” artist and T-shirt designer. Being my first foray into the “business” side of rock-n-roll and considering Boyzen Heat was a fairly popular local band […]

I’ll confess I don’t own a single David Bowie album, but in the very same breath I must also say I have an IMMENSE respect for everything the man has done for rock-n-roll. The theatrics, the androgyny, the futuristic musical and artistic concepts and personas were ALL ahead of their time. It may be hard […]