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By Metal Dave My fondest memory of Steve Rodriguez is watching him step out of a van in the parking lot of Curra’s Grill in Austin, Texas. I was there to interview his band The Dragons for Metal Edge magazine (an odd fit, but I pushed hard). With his hoop earrings, sunglasses, dagger-shaped sideburns and […]

Had to dust off my turntable last week when I received a shipment of vinyl from Lebanon, New Hampshire, courtesy of the River City Rebels. Besides having the dubious distinction of being one of rock-n-roll’s best-kept secrets, the Rebels are also one my favorite bands of the past 10 years. The ever-evolving (and shamefully unsung) […]

  Good news blew in on a breeze of Jack and Coke this morning when Mario Escovedo emailed from San Diego to report the Dragons are dusting off their leather pants and reuniting for a pair of rowdy gigs at San Francisco’s Thee Parkside July 30-31. From there, the rock-n-roll kamikazes set their sights on […]