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By Metal Dave Lita Ford’s sex appeal blares louder than a Marshall stack, but no volume of cleavage and curves can overshadow her tenacious talent. A survivor of four decades in the boys’ club of heavy metal, Lita commands respect, because, well, to put it ever-so-mildly, she’s got big freakin’ balls! On tour with Def […]

By Metal Dave It’s bad enough to be reminded you’re old, but it’s another scare altogether when you’re compelled to check your pulse. Such was the case recently while catching up with former Towers of London and The Prodigy guitarist, The Rev, who now strums his six-strings for The Howling. When asked to name the […]

By Metal Dave Glessner A velvet goldmine of bygone garage-glam, Prima Donna’s “Bless This Mess” (Acetate Records) is a saucy cocktail of T. Rex stomp stirred with Stardust style — and then spritzed with a squeeze of Lennon. Besides obvious – and wholly respectable – nods to the Beatles, Bowie and Bolan (“Maxine,” “Feral Children,” […]