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GLAM GOOD TIMES!!: Backstage with Bret Michaels in 1999 (above), 2000 (below) and 2011 (bottom). Once Bret gets the party started, it can last a lifetime. By Metal Dave Glessner I’ve been a Poison fan since 1986 when I saw the unknown upstarts open for Cinderella and Loudness at Sunken Gardens Theater in San Antonio. Thirteen […]

LOOKS THAT KILL: Any Crue fans here? Nah. Singer Stevie Rachelle, second from right, rocks the Clorox while the rest of his Tuff guys overdose on Aqua Net. Looking good, fellas! By Metal Dave Glessner We’ve launched a new semi-whenever feature at 2Fast2Die called, “Ask.” Why? Because we needed a reason to pester your favorite rock […]

DARTH VADER’S STREET TEAM: Scott Ian, Frank Bello, Joey Belladonna, Charlie Benante and Rob Caggiano wear their allegiance to the dark side (Photo by Andy Buchanan) By Metal Dave Glessner After two decades of unsung persistence and a round of flip-flopping singers, Anthrax finally reclaims its thrash-metal glories on new album, “Worship Music.” Eight years in the tumultuous […]