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By Metal Dave Still hellbent after 20-plus years, the Black Halos have (again!) regrouped and issued a three-song teaser in advance of a new album due later this year. Titled “Geisterbahn II” (translation: “Ghost Train”), the sampler recaptures the Halos’ snot-slinging, vampire, scuzz-punk as pulled from such crash-and-burn influences as the Dead Boys, Stooges and […]

By Metal Dave Remember calling your weed guy from a pay phone on the way to a local metal gig? You were driving a junker that barely passed inspection while following a sketchy map on a hand-drawn flyer emblazoned with skulls and the promise of doomsday (plus beer!). Maybe you listened to your friend’s demo […]

By Metal Dave One night during the mid-1980s, I walked into one of those apartment complex keg parties where a bunch of hopped-up teens and barely legal headbangers were pissing away the deposit on a rented poolside clubhouse. This being San Antonio, a popular local band called AZIZ was blasting Saxon’s “Power & the Glory” […]

By Metal Dave Like all good fathers, my Daddy taught me well. From throwing a spiral and standing my ground to opening doors and respecting our soldiers, Dad handed down the skills and wisdom that got me from boy to man. He also influenced me in subtler ways like playing the greats of country western […]

By Metal Dave (The following originally published in the San Antonio Express-News, 6-26-2004) Juliette Lewis is on the phone sounding every bit like one of her flirty, fun and yet scary Hollywood movie characters. The topic is not acting or past films with Robert DeNiro (“Cape Fear”), Brad Pitt (“Kalifornia”), Woody Harrelson (“Natural Born Killers”) or Johnny Depp […]

By Metal Dave My fondest memory of Steve Rodriguez is watching him step out of a van in the parking lot of Curra’s Grill in Austin, Texas. I was there to interview his band The Dragons for Metal Edge magazine (an odd fit, but I pushed hard). With his hoop earrings, sunglasses, dagger-shaped sideburns and […]

By David Glessner Special to the American-Statesman For a guy who rose to fame barking heavy metal threats, Philip Anselmo is a stone-mellow dude. Drawling in a groggy croak on the phone from his New Orleans home, the former Pantera and current Down singer is discussing the inspiration behind his second annual Housecore Horror Film […]

By Metal Dave Ripping into Austin, Texas last night, L.A. Guns was a whirlwind of jet-black hair, smudgy black eyes and high-voltage rock-n-roll. Yeah, they’ve seen more drama than General Hospital, but singer Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley still keep the band electric. Joined by bassist Scotty Griffin and guitarist Michael Grant, L.A. Guns […]

By Metal Dave Well, shit! Now I feel like an ass! After learning L.A. Guns was aiming for Austin on Wednesday (ticket info below), I reached out to my pal Adam Hamilton, who happens to be the band’s former bass player, and asked him to put me in touch with singer Phil Lewis. For three […]