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By Metal Dave Glessner As a lifelong KISS fanatic, my interviews with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have always ranked among my highest honors. These are the rare interviews where I catch myself awestruck just realizing my childhood heroes have called my home phone. Really? Wow! Even my parents have to admit it’s pretty cool that their […]

Above: Roth passes another field sobriety test (photo: Elliot Gilbert). Below: Bottoms Up! ( By Metal Dave Ahhh, good old David Lee Roth. I was scheduled to interview the Van Halen frontman in 2002 for the San Antonio Express-News when miscommunication and differing time zones caused confusion that led to Diamond Dave calling my apartment […]

Rewind: Wayne Static Talks Poop, etc.

Posted: 2nd November 2010 by admin in Rewind
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For those who don’t know, those bullet-sleek, customized, luxurious rock’n’roll tour buses are sorely lacking when it comes to toilet plumbing. In a 2002 interview with Static-X frontman Wayne Static, the conversation inevitably turned to potty talk when I inquired about the song, “…In a Bag,” from the industrial-metal band’s 2001 sophomore album, “Machine.” Talk […]

I’m often asked about my best (Lemmy) and worst rock star interviews and can say without a doubt Glenn Danzig is the prickliest (pun optional) one of all. Glenn has held this dubious distinction without peer since 1990. Twenty years and still the champ! Sure, I’ve had some lame interviews over the years, but during […]

ABOVE: All The Young Dudes: Pete Willis, Steve Clark (RIP), Joe Elliot, Rick Allen and Rick Savage as teens circa 1980. In less than five years after this photo was taken, the band (minus Willis) would land behind only Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for the top spot on the album charts thanks to the blockbuster, “Pyromania.” […]

Remembering Cliff Burton, 1962-1986 R.I.P. Twenty-four years ago this Monday, I was sitting at a four-way stop in the Briarwick neighborhood of San Antonio when news came over my Dad’s VW Rabbit radio that Metallica bassist Cliff Burton had been killed in a freak tour bus accident on an icy road somewhere in Sweden. I […]

By Metal Dave With Slayer set to rain blood over Texas this Friday-Sunday as part of the American Carnage Tour, featuring Megadeth and Anthrax, I revisited a 2001 interview with Kerry King and Tom Araya that I conducted for Metal Edge magazine (RIP). At the time, Slayer was promoting the “God Hates Us All” album and was […]

By Metal Dave Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of interviewing Motorhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister will tell you he is hands-down one of the best interviews on the planet. Why? Because he basically doesn’t give two flips what anyone thinks of him! He’s irreverent, intelligent, humorous, well-spoken, full of fight and amazingly coherent (and […]

Dave Grohl is one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. Period. He’s also one of the nicest guys in rock. Period. Add the fact that he’s a multi-talented metalhead (Probot, anyone?) and you’d have to be a sack of dirt to deny Grohl his props (which he would politely decline). Modest, multi-talented, loads […]