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HOLY SHIRT!: In a rare moment of being fully clothed, Iggy pulls the pin inside Waterloo Records during SXSW 2007. The shirt was tossed after a song or two. The set didn’t last much longer (Photo via Flickr. Happy to give credit to photog. Please get in touch)

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KEEPING AUSTIN WEIRD: The Stooges fourth album, “The Weirdness,” dropped in March of 2007, a mere 34 years after third album, “Raw Power.”

By Metal Dave

Perhaps the hottest ticket in Austin during SXSW 2007 was the rare chance to see a revamped, revved-up Stooges playing in the iconic confines of Waterloo Records. Thankfully, I had a connection who got me to the front of a line that stretched down the block on its way to Waco. I also happened to be reporting my SXSW (mis)adventures for the UK’s always brilliant Classic Rock magazine. As it happened, we both got an exclusive that is reprinted below for your enjoyment.

THE STOOGES @ Waterloo Records, Austin
Classic Rock magazine, 2007
(Note: Photos were not printed in Classic Rock magazine)

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Stooges, Ink.: Iggy signing post-set autographs. Among the first in line was Sons of Hercules singer, Frank Pugliese. (photo by David Glessner)

Finding the Stooges at your local record store is as easy as knowing the alphabet, but when the band turns up to play an in-store gig, the merchandise is at risk for a meltdown.

For the first 300 fans who queued up at Waterloo Records during Austin’s South by Southwest music festival last March, the legendary Stooges carved a memory as wicked as a scar.

Playing on a stage as cramped as a stairwell, guitarist Ron Asheton, drummer Scott Asheton and bassist Mike Watt stormed through four tracks from the Stooges’ new album, “The Weirdness,” while 59-year-old Iggy Pop snarled like a jackal before careening into the parking lot to snake charm his stranded faithful with shirtless shake appeal.

As quickly as the bomb started ticking, it was unceremoniously defused. Without playing a single punk-shrapnel classic, the Stooges lurched offstage to sign pre-purchased autographs.

The stopwatch set of unfamiliar tunes was no doubt a gut punch, but only an idiot would dare complain. More than 30 years on, the Stooges’ new songs stood up better than they should and seeing the streetwalkin’ cheetahs prowl the aisles of a record store was better than a heart full of napalm.

— David Glessner

Yours truly is wearing a Cliff Burton T-shirt near the front of the line to get into the store (No, I’m not the guy hosting this video). Sons of Hercules singer Frank Pugliese and Ignorance Park singer John Walker can be seen near the front of the stage. Enjoy!

  1. Steven Blackmore says:

    I will never forget that!! I was with Rick and my brother we headed up there we saw you and Kim outside!! Queue jumping like you’ve never seen!! Truly insane to see show rock legends in a record store!! MENTAL as we Brits say!!!