By Metal Dave Glessner

It doesn’t take a smack in the head to see why Buckcherry singer Josh Todd draws comparisons to Axl, Iggy and Tyler, but look past the obvious and you’ll also find he’s a HUGE fan of Slipknot, Prince and a long list of hip-hop artists.

As Buckcherry gets ready to open for Guns N’ Roses in Houston this Friday, Nov. 4 (ticket info here), I caught up with one of my favorite singers and asked him to narrow his diverse musical influences down to a single, all-time favorite album.

ASK: If you could only pick one album, what would it be and why?

JOSH TODD: Minor Threat, “Out of Step.” I remember taking this record home and there was a lyric page inside. I sat there in my room and listened to the record from top to bottom and read the lyrics.

I was a defiant, aggressive kid who was always questioning authority and never went with the majority if it didn’t feel right. This record made me feel a part of something and that was the turning point for me.

2Fast2Die Says: Anyone still questioning Buckcherry’s punk cred? Didn’t think so. As for me, I must confess I know more about Minor Threat’s importance than I do about the band’s music (I was always more of a Ramones guy). Still, anyone who picks this shave-your-head, lace-up-your-steel-toes album as being THE must-have record on the face of the planet gets points for attitude and originality. Thanks for shaking things up, Josh.

[Josh Todd photo credit to Sharon and Buckcherry website]

NOTE: Buckcherry also plays Galveston, TX. this Saturday, Nov. 5 as headliners of the Lone Star Biker Rally. For ticket info, go here.

  1. not too shocking. great choice!

  2. Ginchy says:

    Great record.

  3. Phil Bronco says:

    Josh always stays true to his punk roots. I remember way back, when they first hit he was talking about how he comes from this hardcore punk background and I completely got it.

  4. bob hough says:

    That Benz on the Sunset Strip didn’t look too punk. 😉