FLEXX MANIAC: Phil Bronco kicks out the early Buckcherry when he wants to get lit up. (Photo by Dajah Renee)

By Metal Dave Glessner

2Fast2Die recently launched a new semi-whenever feature called, “Ask.” Why? Because we needed an excuse to pester your favorite rocks stars and scenesters without wrestling them to the ground (or bribing them) for a full-blown interview. After all, they’re too busy bagging groupies and bathing in blood … and 2Fast2Die is still trying to get some sleep!

So, in the spirit of keeping “Ask” short, I’ll shut up and give you guitarist/vocalist/problem child, Phil Bronco, of San Francisco dirtbag rockers, Flexx Bronco who arrive in Austin on Aug. 26 to barf on your shoes, spill your beer and bang your skull as part of the Metal Dave Productions & 2Fast2Die Presents concert series.

ASK: What is your favorite album and why does it kick your ass?

PHIL: Hmmm. Well, I love music and I have many favorite albums and bands that have shaped different periods of my life. I’m gonna say the album that kicked off the last period of my life into high gear and helped me do a complete 180 was BUCKCHERRY’S first record. Say what you want about ’em now, but that first album was a game changer for me. I was a well-paid house/rave DJ in ’99 and when that album came out, mainstream rock was on the shitter. I was so far removed from the underground rock/punk scene at the time (not that Buckcherry was underground at all) and it re-opened the door for me to rock-n-roll. Two years later, Flexx Bronco was born. I have since retired from being a DJ and have devoted my life to playing live music and my band. Side note: Buckcherry’s second album is good and everything after that is total shit.

2Fast2Die says: Now hold your horses, Bronco! While it pains me to admit “All Night Long” sounds like it was written for radio and that Buckcherry has tempered some of its early belligerent punch with poppier tendencies (not entirely bad), I have to argue the band’s catalog is way more good than shit. “Time Bomb” is stellar, “15” is great and “Black Butterfly” is more than respectable. Besides, duplicating an album as fantastically killer as Buckcherry’s debut is absolutely impossible. Just ask Guns N’ Roses.

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  1. Steven Blackmore says:

    I have to agree with you Dave on Buckcherry’s album’s. Timebomb is my fav from them. Phil saying that after their secomd CD everything was shit!! I don’t agree at all with that.
    Flexx Bronco are cool rockin band though..

  2. Phil Bronco says:

    Hey I like Timebomb, I said it was good 🙂 I like the first record better. You gotta agree though that they lost their edge after the second record (timebomb) and I should have mentioned that Yogi was awesome, losing him I think changed things. Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols had a big part of the production on that first record and i think that really helped with that punk edge. ok back at letting me have it haha

    • admin says:

      I like Yogi, too … but as I mentioned last night, he wasn’t even in the band when they released the first/best album. Your point about Steve Jones is valid. Maybe his punk edge coupled with the band’s early hunger helped create a masterpiece. Terry Date is no slouch either. I have to say this also: “15” was done on the band’s dime when nobody was expecting them to be worth a damn. I think that album was a roaring comeback and admire it even more knowing they did it on their terms. It also made the labels come crawling back. It’s a solid album full of good songs (although Crazy Bitch was way overplayed and not even close to the album’s best song) … and it was done in the face of impossible odds. I was thrilled that they were able to not only come back, but do so with a quality album.

  3. Phil, Phil, Phil…let’s not be hasty in our judgments about the last two BC records. There are some heaters on those records. I will say this, Buckcherry impersonators tend to be shit, but Josh and Keith still own it live. But you have more balls than I. I probably wouldn’t have cited this album in my top 100…ok, maybe #99, but thanks for the honesty. Looking forward to the Flexx show as always! LOL! ~Kenny Bloggins

    • admin says:

      I agree with everything you say (except ranking “Buckcherry” at #99 … are you kidding??!!) and I also give Phil tons of props for having the balls to speak his honest mind. For me, “Buckcherry” is easily in my Top 20 and probably closer to 12-15. Hell, maybe #10. One of the best rock records ever