By Metal Dave Glessner

This is another photo I shot using a borrowed professional camera that was kindly pre-set to “Idiot Mode.” The fact that I framed Eddie so nicely and managed to capture that spotlight glow over his left shoulder was due to my many, many, MANY years of professional … dumb luck!

The photo was taken at the Houston Summit on Van Halen’s 1995 “Balance” tour and was made possible courtesy of the band’s publicist who issued me a photo pass and tickets to the show. As any “real” photographer will tell you, a photo pass for a concert is only good for the first three songs (no flash, allowed!). I’ve never fully understood that policy, but can venture to guess the artists don’t want the constant distraction of scurrying photographers and the sweat-soaked mugshots that follow three tunes. Regardless, watching the Midas fingers do the spider ballet was pretty spectacular from pass-the-salt distance.

On this night, my best friend Buzz was my “plus-one.” As Van Halen’s biggest fan, he will soon need an extra hand or foot to continue counting the times he’s seen his beloved VH. Of course, me being this close to his heroes must’ve drove him nuts — especially when I made the mischievous effort to wave from the front of the stage just before the lights went down. Sorry, dude. Heh, heh.

Actually, knowing Buzz, I’m sure he was just thrilled that one of us got this close.

  1. the photo pass is pretty typical of VH. funny stuff. while i’m not a fan of the band and never have been, they’ve always shown a comedic side to themselves.