BatusisABOVE: Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome, New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain and their “designated” SXSW driver
(photo by Bob Widenhofer). BELOW: Syl dolled up (photo by 2Fast2Die)

By Metal Dave

When news broke last March that legendary punk guitarists Sylvain Sylvain and Cheetah Chrome would debut their new band, Batusis, at a small Austin club during SXSW, the buzz in the alleys could have wakened Thunders and Stiv.

The downside of this historical first gig was that it took place during SXSW. From the band’s perspective, you couldn’t ask for greater hype or visibility. Local fans of the New York Dolls and Dead Boys, however, would be about, oh, $150 shy of an official SXSW admission wristband. Hmm … How to get in?

Considering this was a damn-the-torpedoes, must-see gig, 2Fast2Die starting digging through email addresses and soon found Batusis connections in the U.S. and U.K. (names are withheld to protect the guilty). Promising I’d been assigned to review the gig for the mighty Classic Rock magazine (true!), 2Fast2Die was told to meet a connection in the alley behind the club where I would suddenly be “employed” as Batusis’ “driver.” With my new identity secured, I walked into the club, introduced myself to the door guy and watched as he crossed “my” name off the list. Hell yeah, L.A.M.F!

Next stop was another dark corner where I found Syl and Cheetah lurking among their gear. Handshakes and hellos ensued before Batusis turned the club into CBGB’s while blasting “Jetboy, “Trash,” a crushing “Sonic Reducer and tracks from a great new, self-titled EP.

To be fair, the club didn’t appear to be at capacity and may have been accepting a reasonable cover charge at the door (I had my nose pressed against Syl’s Les Paul so looking back was not an option). Most punks in Austin probably (rightfully) assumed admission was Mission Impossible during SXSW and instead stumbled off to another crusty dive where the Lone Stars were fast and loose.

Walk-up admission will again be a high-stakes gamble when Batusis returns to ATX (that’s Austin for all you tourists) Dec. 9 backed by former Blackhearts bassist Sean Koos and drummer Lez Warner from The Cult.

Again, the buzz is already brewing and again the band is playing a club (Lovejoy’s) that will likely prove way too small to accomodate such legendary punk-rock royalty — especially when there is no fear of the SXSW deterrent. What the hell, maybe you can pass yourself off as the band’s “driver.” Good luck.

  1. Bob says:

    Unbelievably, the no-wristband cover for that show was only 8 bucks. Not sure how many got in before the bargain ended, but I was lucky.
    You should fire that photographer!

  2. PatIdle says:

    Man there is just not much i can say, a dead boy and a doll how they hell could it be bad.

  3. Vic says:

    The Lovejoy’s show kicked serious ass and was free. My pics here