Before “Fun Fun Fun” became the name of an annual three-day, alterna-punk-metal festival in Austin, Texas, it was the title of a song by seminal hardcore band, the Big Boys. 

Likewise, before Austin musician Chris Gates became a friend of mine, he was the bass player in said Big Boys. On the eve of this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, I asked Chris to take me back in time using this photo as a point of recall. Take it away, Chris …

“I think this picture was shot by Bill Daniel and was taken in San Francisco in the summer of ‘82 or ’83. We had played Denver and driven through the Rockies to get to San Francisco where we played with MDC at this basement called the Tool and Die. The Dead Kennedys showed up and played a short set as well. Later that night, someone broke into our van and stole the only thing left in there − my suitcase. I spent the rest of the tour in those pants. Luckily, people gave me new T-shirts when I got too stinky.”

For the latest info on Chris Gates and his latest band Gatesville, go here.

For more info on the 2010 Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup, including the Descendents, Mastodon, Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, the Vandals, GWAR, the Dwarves, “Weird Al” Yankovic, the Gories, Strike Anywhere, High on Fire, Dirty Projectors, Kylesa and others, go here.

  1. PatIdle says:


    Chris and all the projects he has been involved with make Austin, hell Texas music so great. If it’s The Big Boys, Poison 13, Sons of Hercules, The True Believers, The Dicks, The Butthole Surfers, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Johnny Law, Agony Column, Riverboat Gamblers, The Toadies, Alejandro Escovedo, Joe Ely and blah blah blah. We got the music down here in Tejas baby.

    • Steven Blackmore says:

      Hey Dave, that was cool feature on Chris.
      He is cool as hell, it was great to talk to him about The Wildhearts and his touring with The Almighty back in early 90’s, a few years ago now.. We talking at Room 710 just after The Crank County Daredevils had started that day’s total all ROCK MAYHEM! Later that night the Wildhearts played at Emo’s as part of Gearhead thing, along with The Dragons.. that night did ROCK AND SOME!!

  2. Dude. Fun Fun Fun. Awesome song and awesome band. It’s no secret that Gates is one of my biggest heroes and his new band just smokes. Remember Charter Bulldogs? That band could kick teeth in too.