Some Kinda Freaks: Frank Pugliese (left) and 2Fast2Die agree the whole world's gone hazy

Shot in 2007 on the back steps of Casino El Camino (Sixth Street, Austin, TX.), this picture frames a hazy portrait of me and my pal, Frank Pugliese. Me? I’m a geek. Frank? He’s the iconic punk singer for San Antonio garage-blasters, the immortal Sons of Hercules. 

The Sons and I go back to 1991 in our shared hometown of San Antonio when we used to party at their communal downtown home/rehearsal room. In a city that worshiped heavy metal, the Sons stood out like the Kinks with rabies and some serious do-it-yourself bowl cuts. Being a Ramones fan, I was immediately drawn to the Sons and would become immensely indebted to them for deepening my appreciation of the Stooges, Dead Boys, New York Dolls and countless lesser-known, garage-punk bands (including the Skunks who they cover below in the second video). 

A towering figure both literally and figuratively, Frank is famous in Texas for not only being one of the true characters in the underground music scene (or anywhere else for that matter!), but also for opening the notorious 1978 San Antonio Sex Pistols gig at Randy’s Rodeo as frontman for the Vamps. 

As a lifelong fan and friend for nearly two decades, I was long ago gifted with some rare Vamps 45s and vinyl singles from another of Frank’s previous bands, the Mystery Dates (not to mention a DIY Morlocks cassette of him croaking/shouting/sneering through the Suzanne Vega hit, “Luka”). Extra thanks goes to founding guitarist and lifelong friend, Dale Hollon, for being such a gracious gift-giver.

Earlier this year, I had the highest honor of writing the liner notes for the newest Sons of Hercules album, “A Different Kind of Ugly.” If you haven’t heard or seen the past or present Sons of Hercules, your rock’n’roll library is missing a book. A big book! A history book!

Look ’em up, check ’em out and thank the Sons of Hercules for punching holes in the garage. 


  1. Bopper says:

    how did i not know of this band before this???? amazing stuff

  2. Steven Blackmore says:

    Awesome stuff Dave!!
    I never forget that time when you had me yourself Kim, Fank and his wife or girlfriend in your pick up truck. After The Stooges instore event, I think in 2007 at Waterloo Records.
    Seeing them at Casino’s that was great few year ag,o cool underground rock ‘n’ roll at it’s best!!

  3. Natchet says:

    I know I already talked about this in my “Yakking With…” section, but fuck it. This band is puro rock n’ roll. I’ve been a fan of these boys when I was a wee tot and today these guys are even BETTER and BADDER. Look ’em up. Get some of their records and get to the shows. See you there.


  4. Pat Idle says:

    My favorite band to ever come out of Texas period. There is just something about the Sons. They should be on the Underground Garage. They should have lead that whole garage rock craze when The Hives and The White Stripes were everywhere. I will leave you with my favorite line. “Hey what ya want me to do, grow up and be a prick like you, Hey I dont wanna grow up”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Al says:

    These guys are the coolest. I remember many a night parting at the Son’s house downtown San Antonio. The coolist thing is that the welcomed me (a major metalhead) in their home. MUSIC HAS NO BOUNDRIES! Much love for the Sons and the many gigs at Wacky’s Deli and the legendary Taco Land. Ram lives on forever!!