LEATHER LUNGS: Udo Dirkschneider and 2Fast2Die on Austin’s Sixth Street in 2000

Ever wonder how Accept singer Udo Dirkschneider got that wonderfully wretched singing voice? As you can see from this 2000 photo taken outside his tour bus in Austin, Texas, the German belter has (or, at least, had) an appetite for Winston smokes.

Onboard the bus during our interview, Udo displayed a copious thirst for whiskey (and generous hospitality). Multiply the booze and cigs by a frequency that would frighten a doctor, and you presumably get the blood-curdling voice that spat and screeched such metal classics as “Fast as a Shark,” “Restless and Wild” and “Balls to the Wall.”

On this night, Udo was fronting his self-named solo band as the opening act for Saxon (you may recall the story of me helping unlock Saxon’s jammed tour bus door with my car jack). Of course, Udo played a good many Accept favorites along with newer solo stuff.

Back on the bus, it turns out Udo’s speaking voice is as ravaged as his singing. For the record, it must be noted that Udo could not have been nicer or more generous with his time. Danke schon, Udo!

  1. Awesome. I met him the same year at Jaxx near WashDC while he was opening for Raven. He was standing next to me and I just it was just some kid until I looked down and said…Udo! He said in that growley voice, “Hey man…rock and roll!” Nice dude.

  2. Mark says:

    i would be the first in line to see Accept. I would settle for Udo solo though for sure. There is no one like him. I will never forget Saxon and Accept back in the day around 1983-ish at the Majestic Theatre in SA. Saxon definitely had the power and the glory as the headliner but Accept was fast as a shark and a tough act to follow. I have been restless and wild ever since. Thank you Udo!!