Punk's Not Dead!: 2Fast2Die with Wattie and Al at the Cameo Theater in San Antonio circa 1991

This pic was taken in 1991 at the Cameo Theater in San Antonio during the same week that my lifelong buddy Al and I saw Infectious Grooves at the same venue. We always laugh about this week, because we were toast from all the late nights, gigs and various other “shenanigans.” For some reason we were allowed backstage (our charm?) where we drank the Exploited’s beer and got to meet singer Wattie. We were stoked to meet the man who gave us one of our favorite albums, “Death Before Dishonor.” The bill also included opening acts Type O Negative and Biohazard. Wattie was super cool (Oi!) and obviously, me and Al were having a blast. If you love punk/metal and don’t own “Death Before Dishonor,” go buy it TODAY. It’s a masterpiece! You’re welcome!