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Posted: 18th July 2010 by admin in Uncategorized
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Rudolf Schenker busting his tail in 1978

Just got off the phone with Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker. He was registered under an interesting alias at a Nashville hotel room (I’m sworn to secrecy, so don’t ask!) and had PLENTY to talk about. Rudy is one of those interviews who takes off running before you get the question out of your mouth. Fortunately, his motormouth spews plenty of intersting and hilarious stories (and yes, the German accent is full throttle). A great guy with a great career and generous enough with his time today. He earns my thanks (as does publicist Bari Lieberman and road manager Bob Dallas). Stay tuned for the full interview/story coming next week. Meantime, as a teaser, I had to ask Rudy if he can still do the backbend caught live on the cover of the Scorpions’ 1978 “Tokyo Tapes” album. At age 62, he laughed out loud, but was quick to point out that’s the ONLY thing he CAN”T do these days. Otherwise, Rudy kicks ass!